Therapy for Men

Men don’t typically seek therapy until life has become “unmanageable”. When the mechanisms for dealing with feelings of discouragement, anger, and disappointment are finally seen as detrimental; when they realize those behaviors were only contributing to the issues, do men finally decide to seek the support they need. At that time it can be a relief to know someone who “gets it” is there to help.

Performance coaching

“There’s something better but I don’t have a clue how to find it”. Maybe you’re striving to be at the top of your game but just can’t seem to put the final pieces together. Perhaps you grew up with very little sense of direction. Maybe no one was there to demonstrate what a defined purpose and a life of passion really means, OR…. how to create that meaning for yourself!

Therapy for Women

I continually strive to create a practice that feels safe and welcoming to everyone. Depression, anxiety or past trauma; life transitions and relationships…all of these issues can begin to overwhelm us and prevent us from living a meaningful, joy-filled life. When this happens it is comforting to have a safe place to find the tools necessary to re-discover that joy and meaning. 


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