I welcome the opportunity to work with you. I make every effort to create an environment where you can feel safe to leave behind the struggle, frustration, hurt, and confusion that brings you to therapy in the first place. Unfortunately, many women have experienced an environment that was not safe. Safe from abuse, safe from fear, or in a loving home that provided a place to develop a healthy view of self and of life. It is my goal to provide a safe place and the tools needed to discover the life you know is possible. A life free from the trauma, disappointment, or fear of the past that still feels like it controls the present.

For Those of You Currently In a Relationship

I believe men have been taught a message that has led to confusion, stress, and suffering medicated by pursuits that only temporarily ease that pain. That message has been "In order to be a man you must ______ (fill in the blank)". That blank is filled with all kinds of messages: "You must make more money, own the best car or largest home, sleep with more women, be the most fit, or most spiritual, or...." the list goes on forever.

As a woman you suffer because of this message. 

Commitment, trust, and love are all suspect in a relationship with a male that cannot define his purpose. He is never fulfilled, never content, and it leaves you in a relationship that does not feel secure.

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